MIcrosoft Student Partner

Assalammualaikum...Hallo..Ni hao

First of all, to those still facing the fearsome final examination good luck to all.
Next,we are so sorry for the late post and information about this program. But the deadline is 12/01/2013, still have some time to register

Are you...

·         Currently studying a full-time Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Design (STEM-D) course at an officially recognized University/College in Malaysia.
·         2nd Year Diploma’s/Bachelor's Degree student.
·         Competencies:
  o   A good MSP is one who has the following basic qualities:
  o   Technical competencies (.NET or Expression Studio)
  o   Passionate about software
  o   Quick learner
  o   Respected by peers
·         Community-building competencies:
  o   Enthusiastic about technology
  o   High level of social activity, both online & offline
  o   Can organize college and city-level events
·         Fundamental competencies:
  o   Passionate about Microsoft technologies
  o   Confident & outgoing
  o   Good rapport with faculty
  o   Willing to share knowledge & eager to uplift self and peers

If you think you fulfill all above condition, don't wait register for Microsoft Student Partner. Don't think you qualified enough??? Just register, its bring no harm at all.

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