Makeweekend 2013


Makeweekend is an amazing event that help enhance your critical thinking and a place where your idea take flight. Great place to show your potential as a developer or creator. Not only that, you can develop your leadership skills, a very important skills nowadays.

I used to join this program last semester. It very happening with all facilitator that help us to see a different side of our project. Help us to see opportunity to make business with our simple ideas, a very simple ideas. Thinking about how we can make money based on that simple ideas surely boost up our adrenaline. Unfortunetly, my group didn't won. However, the winner deserve to get the prize because their ideas was totally amazing. GPRS in shopping mall that help us to find item and section much faster. Amazing isn't? I sure you guys have more amazing ideas but don't know where to show your idea. Come and join us. You will not regret.

Come and join this program this holiday on 7th of May 2013 @ ZKD04 UMP Gambang start at 8am!


see you there!!

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